HAALA Denim launched in 2011 as a premium fashion brand. Remaining family owned, operation and production takes place in Los Angeles, CA. A hands-on approach reflects maximum quality control and an understanding of the details that set us apart. The brand will continue the craft as it was learned; by personally guiding the product through each stage of the production process. Furthermore, we are sourcing customized fabrics, made for HAALA by our fabric suppliers. In recent years, we also formed an exclusive sewing team, made up of individuals who have 25+ years experience sewing premium denim. Each pair of jeans is made from the finest fabrics, trim and custom hardware. From a visual perspective, HAALA Denim is identified by classic style, symmetry and modern branding.  



In 2017, HAALA innovated a jean that would combine fashion and function for the equine industry. The mission was to create a modernized riding jean that provided flexibility without sacrificing durability. Additionally, an upscale aesthetic that could transition to a streetwear or dress-up jean. After developing a unique performance stretch fabric, a new breed of riding jeans arrived. A comfortable mid.-high rise paired with a contoured waistband make it a flattering fit for almost any body type. The most consistent testimonial from customers relates to 'stretch recovery', which is the fabric's ability to rebound after stretching. "They stretch, but don't stretch out" is a common phrase you can hear from Women wearing them at horse shows across the nation. This same function also increases durability and provides structure to the jean. A premium wash provides the style and feel a customer expects in designer denim, but now as a multi-use jean. Wanna try a pair on before ordering online? See our show schedule in the main menu links and get a personal fitting at one of the many horse shows we attend as a vendor!

"Denim is an evolving canvas. It gives back what you put into it and we approach the product as our art. A pair of jeans tells a story for all of us. It is our goal to make HAALA Denim not only our story, but yours as well".   

-Darrin Haala